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On March 15, 1993, a group of people (Shaggers, obviously!) met at Meeting Street (logical place) in Shallotte, NC, with the purpose of forming a Shag Club.  They stated the following reasons:  1) Promote Shag Dancing, 2) Social Interaction, 3) Meet with other Clubs, 4) Sponsor a Charity, and 5) Form a Club for Fun and Charity.  The organization would form with a minimum of 25 Charter Members.  Any new members would have to make a commitment to attend the meetings at their new home base, Meeting Street.  Everyone joining would also be asked to serve on a committee or in some capacity.

It was decided on March 29, 1993, that the Club name would be the Society of Brunswick Shaggers, also known as the “SOBS”.  The aforementioned slate of officers was installed and the By-Laws were accepted.  There is no mention of who authored the original By-Laws. By the April 19, 1993 meeting, there were 42 members!  (No Socials YET!)  All of the new members had to be “sponsored” by a current member and voted in by a majority of the members present! The first Club social was held on May 15, 1993.  There were 65 to 70 in attendance and everyone was thrilled.  The SOBS were officially out of the gate. 

The purpose of our Club in 1993 was – and remains today:  “to perpetuate and preserve the Shag Dance; to perpetuate and preserve Beach Music and the atmosphere surrounding the Dance; and to create and maintain an environment conducive to the Dance.”

For a complete history of our club thru March 2013, click here... SOBS History

For the recently approved SOBS By-Laws (April, 2016), click here... SOBS By-Laws

Our Current Board Members...

Chuck Boney, President

I'm a transplant from Pennsylvania.  My wife Sandy and I have always been dancers.  We settled In North Carolina 17 years ago and fell in love with the Shag dance.  We have been teaching the dance for the last ten years.  I have 4 children and 5 grand children. I'm a Past President of the club and a member for the last 12 years.  We dance every chance we get.


Mark Trull, Vice-President

I was born in Charlotte and spent the later part of my childhood in Germany.  After high school I joined the Air Force and served 4 years active duty and 5 years in the NC Air National Guard.  I recently retired after 24 years in public service.  Three and a half years ago I didn't know how to dance.  What sparked my interest was a family wedding where I knew there would be plenty of dancing and I wanted to be able to participate in the festivities.  So I started taking lessons with my lovely wife April who already had more rhythm than I.  Shortly thereafter we joined the SOB's and try not to miss a dance.  It is a wonderful group of people willing to share their experiences and love of shag.


Karen Critcher, Secretary

I was born in Virginia but spent my high school and college years in Fayetteville, NC going to the Azalea Festivals, OD and practicing my shag dancing with door knobs.  My husband Bill and I were in Dallas, Texas for 40 years.  Twenty of those years I  spent working for Southwest Airlines in Public Relations and as a flight attendant.   The latter 20 years I spent raising our only son.  We moved to Oak Island in 2013 when Bill retired from United Airlines.  SOBS was a great way to meet new friends, connect to our new community and introduce Bill to the world of shagging.


Dennis Faver, Treasurer

I was born and raised in West Texas, growing up with Country and Western music dancing to the Two-step, Schottische, Cotton-Eyed Joe, etc.  Even taught my girlfriend Lainey from Ohio how to do a little country dancing.  Yep, she hung around and married me and yep, there’s still a pair of boots in a corner of my closet, but I can’t wear the tight jeans anymore….  After 30 years of living in all of the unusual places the United States Army could think of sending us, Lainey and I settled here.  My duties had me making trips to Sunny Point over the years, so we fell in love with the area.  Never heard of Shag dancing until we made our way to Coastal Carolina for good in 2007.  We were introduced to the dance of the South at free lessons given by John and Katy at “Chasers” (now the Lazy Turtle).  We’ve continued to attend classes at different venues most every year, but never seem to graduate, which is fine…I need the practice.  We have found that our closest circle of friends is the Shagger community and especially the SOBS.  We love going to the dances and the social events that our club offers. 


Joe Malinowski, Newsletter/Webmaster/Membership

My wife Kathy & I both grew up in Detroit, MI.  After the USAF and a deployment to Vietnam, I saw that staying in Michigan was not an option any more. After 30+ years in information technology with the IRS and a government contractor, we retired to Winding River Plantation here in Bolivia, NC.  It was our vacations to North Myrtle Beach and seeing the incredible dancing at the OD Pavilion that we got hooked on shag dancing.  After taking lessons from Henry & Johnnie Webster, John Hutton & Katy O'Neill and Chuck & Sandy Boney, it was inevitable that we would join the Society of Brunswick Shaggers. It has been one of the best things we have enjoyed since moving down here in 2010.  I'm the Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor & Webmaster.  Hope you enjoy both!




Society of Brunswick Shaggers

P.O. Box 274

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